Estimates and Fees

Presently, I am charging an hourly fee for design and development. I am confident that my rate is on the low side of the acceptable range of industry standards. Please keep in mind however, that the more complex the site becomes, the higher the cost will climb. I also provide domain and hosting services. I am currently charging $48 (non refundable) per year for hosting. The domain cost is dependent upon what the hosting company charges per domain name (usually $10 -$15 per year). However, domain costs can vary and some domain names can be expensive.

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In the future, updates and changes can be made to the site, but please keep in mind that the rate may change as I have not presently solidified a fee schedule. I don’t foresee any drastic increases. Clients will be made aware of rate changes as soon as they become available . (I’m not in business to lose clients.) Also, you will own the site and will be free to do what you like with it (no contract). Following my consultation with you, I will estimate the cost of the site. I ask that half the cost be paid in advance, and the remainder be paid upon your approval of the website. The site will be deployed upon receipt of final payment. Any additions or changes after the original estimate may increase the cost. So, before I quote a price, we will need to get a good grasp on the scope of the project. No surprises.

I’m looking forward to helping you with your website project!